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Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is important for every B2B and B2C campaign. It involves the use of printed promotional materials in order to advertise products and services offered by a company. While we may live in the age of technology, this does not mean that direct mail services are no longer an effective means of marketing.

A lot of the time, the direct mail serves to drive potential clients to your website, improving the chance of conversions. This is true for approx. 92% of targeted recipients.

Whether you are creating a B2B or B2C campaign doesn’t matter, our direct mail service delivers marketing materials for them all. Studies have suggested that direct mail stays on the property for around 17 days. Every time the owner walks past this, they will see your brand looking back at them, increasing the brand familiarity.

The direct marketing services provided by DBM include:

We work with a range of items such as magazines, postcards, envelopes, welcome packs, leaflets and so many more.

Envelope Collating and Inserting

There are different ways to fill an envelope. You might not think that it matters how this is done, but when you are trying to communicate with your clients, it does. It’s your brand, so you need to decide how it is presented. At DBM, we make sure that the mail pack is presented according to your specifications.

The two options for how to enclose mail in an envelope are as follows:

Mechanical envelope enclosing

At DBM we invest heavily in modern equipment that allows us to make selective and variable inserts across a print run.

Hand enclosing

There are some mailing packs that require a little bit of extra care and attention. Sometimes, a machine is simply not suited to complete a job and it needs a human touch in order for the job to be completed properly and per the client’s request. That is where hand enclosing comes in. We have a tram of finishers who work on specialist orders from membership pack creations to charity response kits.

Pick and Pack

DBM has a special service to meet your needs if you have marketing collateral, promotional items and stocks or brochures. These might need to be picked and packed as part of an enquiry or as preparation for some kind of event that is going on.

We can offer you some same day/next day services depending on your requirements, and we make sure to access the topflight delivery companies. These provide discounted Proof of Delivery or Tracked Services where needed, so you can rest assured that everything is safe when it comes to traceability and transparency about the whole process.

Our efficient pick and pack teams ensure that your orders are printed, packed, and distributed without any hassle to you. Quick and efficient is what we aim for here, while still producing high levels of accuracy.

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